Getting Things Done

This week I'm trying to finish up several projects I have promised to get done.  I assume other illustrators take on different jobs to pay the bills.  Not all my work is for children's books.   In fact I do many other things.  I have a job designing a figure for a carousel.  Yes, a carousel.  It is a figure of an American Indian.  Then, I have a commission of a bookstore to finish. The bookstore is kind of a fine art project.  But, it's in cut paper, so I'm happy.  And somehow, a childhood friend talked me into painting a picture of her dog.  The good news is they are almost finished.  Then, I will start on a new project.  I have not signed a contract yet, so I'll keep my mouth shut for the time being. 

Here is a wee mouse in her lovely pink tutu.  It even has a rose on the bodice.  A tutu always seems nicer when it has a rose on the bodice.