The King of Hearts came to Visit

So, I always have my sketchbook with me.  And not long ago, while on a family vacation in South Carolina (Edisto Beach) I was playing cards and I thought it might be fun to design my own deck of cards.  Here is the sketch and what I ended up with.  This was done fairly quickly.  There is a sketch of the Queen as well.  In fact a couple sketches. The Queen at the bottom of the page looks a bit cranky.  Also, a turtle at the top of the page.  Because I'm always on the lookout for turtles while at the beach.  I've never seen one, only tracks.  They're very sly.

The finished King card is at the bottom of this post.  As you can see I changed him to the King of Hearts from a spade.   Because well, why not?  This illustration was done in cut paper. Using mostly paper that I hand painted and stamped myself.  I did use a bit of sheet music and then employed Photoshop to finish things up.

Hope you enjoyed this visit.